About Us

Prism Financial Products LLP is a limited liability partnership founded by David Martins da Silva and Paul Swaddling (respectively former Head of Interest Rate Sales and former Head of Rates and Credit Hedge Fund Sales at Deutsche Bank) in June 2013.

Our principal business is providing Trade Execution and Arranging services in regulated investments, with associated financial analysis, for Eligible Counterparties or Professional Clients.

Our market analysis is both OTC and exchange product based, focused on Fixed Income, FX and Equity Index products. The purpose of the market analysis is to find and understand market anomalies and distortions in order to devise optimised trades that benefit the investment strategies employed by our clients. We do not take market risk – our resources are purely dedicated to researching and constructing trade ideas which we believe offer compelling risk reward. Our focus is to bring a more thorough and analytical approach to the broking business.

The distinguishing focus is on an investor base with a competitive advantage of a longer-term investment horizon, such that they can take advantage of the structural distortions in the market. Our founding partners have a proven track record in providing clients with objective advice on the merits of these opportunities.

Our client base and target audience include hedge funds, pension and insurance funds, asset managers, investment banks, and very high net-worth family offices. They are either already well-known, very sophisticated investors looking for longer-term high return market investment opportunities (e.g. established hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds), investment banks or insurance companies looking to divest of their cheap but very complex and illiquid assets (e.g. as part of a regulatory-driven deleveraging agenda), or very high net-worth family offices who have a background in private equity investments (high return but illiquid investments over many years) and are interested in similar profile investments in the markets.

We do not take proprietary positions – we are an executing/arranging intermediary between clients and banks, with associated financial analysis. We also have the capacity to execute all exchange-traded products.